Volga (Kazan) Tatars

Where they live:
Russia (7,500,000), in Russia Tatarstan (3,000,000), in Russia Bashkortostan (1,000,000)
Total population:
Over 8 million
Language branch:
Altaic, Turkic, Kypchak, Kypchak–Bolgar, Tatar
Islam (Sunni) and Orthodox Christianity
Related to:
Crimean Tatars, other Tatar groups, Bashkirs, and other Turkic peoples.

Some imfromation was quoted and paraphrased from wikipedia.

About Volga Tatars

Most Volga Tatars live in Tatarstan, one of the constituent republics of Russia. Others live in another constituent republic Bashkortostan home of the related Bashkirs. Other smaller groups of Volga Tatars live in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Lithuania, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, China, Finland, USA, and Germany. They are closely related to the other Tatar groups like the Crimean Tatars, Lithuanian Tatars (Lipka Tatars), Belarusian Tatars, Polish Tatars, Dobruja Tatars (Tatars of Romania) and Siberian Tatars. Others peoples they are close to is the Bashkirs and Nogais (Nogay).


The Volga Tatars speak a Turkic language with a sizable complement of Russian and Arabic (Due to Islam) words. The language of the Volga Tatars became a literary language in the 15th century because all groups of Tatars, as well as to the neighboring Turkic Chuvash and Bashkirs, could understand it. The Volga Tatar languages come from the Kypchak branch of the Turkic family.


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