People of the Altaic Language Family

Discover all the many beautiful diverse Altaic speaking peoples and cultures. These groups can be found in Central Asia, Eastern Asia, Siberia, Eastern Europe, China, Russia, the Middle East, Iran, and other places. They belong to one of the most widespread language family on earth. Each one has its own stunning culture and traditions.

Turkic Peoples
Mongolic Peoples
Manchu - Tungusic Peoples
Koreanic People
J‚Äčaponic Peoples
Siberian Group:
Altay People
Dolgan People
Khakas People
Shor People
Tofalor People
Tuvan People
Yakut - Sakha
Kypchak Group:
Bashkir People
Karachay People
Karaim people
Karakalpak People
Kazakh People
Kyrgyz People
Nogais People
Crimean Tatars
Lipka Tatars
Volga Tatars
Uyghuric Karluk Group:
Uzbek People
Uyghur People
Yugur People *
Oghuz Group:
Azerbaijani People
Gagauz People
Iraqi Turkmen People
Qashqai People
Salar People
Turkish People
Turkish Cypriot People
Turkmen People
Oghur Group:
Chuvash People
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Central Group:
Mongolian People
Eastern Group:
Bonan People
Buryat People
Daur People
Dongxiang People
Tu Monguor People
Yugur People *
Western Group:
Kalmyk People
"Indo-Altaic" Group:
Hazara People (*)
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Northern Group:
Evenki People
Southern Group:
Manchurian People
Xibe people
Nanais People
Udege People
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Korean People
Japanese People
Okinawan People
Part Turkic, Part Mongolic *
An Indo-Altaic People (*)