Chuvash People

Where they live:
Chuvashia Russia
Total population:
Language Branch:
Altaic, Turkic, Oghur, Chuvash
Predominantly Orthodox Christians including a Muslim minority.
Related to:
Tatars and other Turkic peoples
Most imformation is paraphrased from:


The Chuvash people are the only only surviving member of the Oghur branch of Turkic family. They speak the Chuvash language and are predominantly Orthodox Christian. Some practice a few pre-Christian traditions. There are also a few Muslims. In addition to the Chuvash language, many Chuvash people also use the Russian and Tatar languages.


Traditional Chuvash clothing was made of white linen with and colorful embroidery. Shades of bright red, yellow and blue are common embroidery colors.

Discovering The Culture Links
Female clothing. (Close Up)
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Photo 2
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Discovering The Culture Links
Female clothing. (Full Outfit)
White Dress for Girls
Unmarried women's and girls' dress
White Dress, Tall Headdress, Married Women Outfit
(More to come)
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