Bashkir People

Photo by Dave Pyle

Where they live:
Bashkortostan and Tatarstan in Russia
Total population:
Language Branch:
Altaic, Turkic, Kypchak, Kypchak-Bolgar, Bashkir
Sunni Islam
Related to:
Volga Tatars

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The Bashkirs (Also called Bashkorts), as a people, are thought to date back to the 10th century. They are closely related to the Turkic Volga Tatars of nearby Tatarstan, Russia. The main religion of the Bashkirs is Sunni Islam. Other then the Bashkir language most speak Russian and some speak Tatar.
Like most Altaic speaking people the horse was the most important animal to their traditional lifestyle. Not only did it provide transportation but also meat and milk to make the drink koumiss. Horse meat is believed to high quality meat and thought to be a treatment to a number of diseases. [1] Tea was the daily drink. Traditionally the Bashkir herded and breed cattle and lived a semi nomadic lifestlye. As most Altaic nomads the Bashkirs would live in yurts. The national traditional instrument is a long flute called the Kurai. The national folk dance of the Bashkirs is called "Seven Girls". Click to watch

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Bashkir Folk Stories

Traditional Costumes

Unmarried Bashkir girls and women usually keep their heads uncovered and mostly wears their hair in two braids. Married Bashkir women usually wears a scarf or shawl over their hair. Silver coins were widely used in women's and girls clothing and headdresses. Clothing was decorated with embroidery. Often while working women would wear an apron. The men traditional wear fur hats. Leather boots wear worn daily by everyone.

Discovering The Culture Links
Traditional patterns of the Bashkirs:
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Examples of men's and women's traditional clothing.
See more examples of traditional costumes here:
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Bashkirs speak a dialect from Kypchak branch of Turkic languages.


Lets explore the Bashkir people and culture with these videos.
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Videos About Culture, Music or Dance
This is an other video of traditional Bashkir life. In side a yurt a lady dances a folk dance and prepares a common Bashkir morning meal for her family. The dance seems to describes the making of the meal.
This dance is done by seven ladies who seem to have bells on the ends of their braids.
This video shows a mix of Bashkir folk dances.
The first and opening dance has male and female dancers do a lively dance.
The a flute player comes in and ladies hold a up a blanket unveiling a female dancer balancing a golden jug on her head. By her side is two ore female dancers balancing bowls on their heads.
Then the ladies take the blanket and holds it up for the next dance.
The male and female dancers from the first dance come back and do another lively dance. the men are full of energy and the women are full of grace.
Then a pair of Bashkir dancers in light colored clothing dance a solo dance.
Then just the male dancers do a dance.
To finish it off the ladies join the men in a final dance.