Archery in Altaic Culture
Ottoman Turkic Horseman Photo

Archery was the most important weapon for the nomadic Altaic peoples. The Turkic peoples, the Mongolic peoples like the Mongolians, Japanese (Japanese do not use the Mongol bow) and the Koreans all use archery today as a cultural tradition. In history the Huns, Bulgars, Mongols, Seljuk Turks, and Ottoman Turks used archery to build their huge empires. The composite bow was the main bow they would use.

Archery in Mongolian Culture

Archery is one of Mongolia’s age-old "Three Manly Skills" along with horsemanship and wrestling. The bow and arrow was their most important weapon.


Archery in Turkic Culture

The Turkic peoples were also skilled in archery.

Archery in Korean Culture

Korean bow is made of a horn of a water buffalo and bamboo. Bamboo is glued to the horn, and bend to the opposite direction to maximize reflexive tension. Korean bow is very short and portable to be used on horse.

Archery in Manchurian Tungusic Culture

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