About Altaic Wiki and FAQ

Why was this wiki created?
This wiki was made to help people learn about the many cultures of the Altaic speaking peoples and their history. This site is for people who enjoy world culture, history, Central Asian culture, East Asian, Siberian culture, Turkic culture and so on. What makes the Altaic Langauge family so interesting is it includes many differant ethnic groups with colorful cultures. Instead of focusing on just languages this site will focus also on cultures and histories of the Altaic speaking groups.
Who can join?
Everybody is welcome to join and help this wiki grow. Everyone who is a menber is allowed to write articles on any Altaic or Altaic related subjects.
How do I join?
To join:
1. First make a free wikispaces account
2. Then go to the Altaic Wiki homepage
3. Now click on the "Join this Wiki" button.
Please remember to write respectful, truthful, and educational imformation.
Try to included cited sources as much as possible.
Do not plagiarize or post copyrighted work without permission.
Keep all forms racism and hate off this wiki. (This wiki is for educational use only.)
Why is Korean and Japanese listed as Altaic on this wiki when it is still disputed?
Today scholars do not have the one view about Japanese or Korean being Altaic languages. Some think they are Altaic and some think they are isolated languages or isolated languages with Altaic influence. However at Altaic Wiki Korean and Japanese are included as Altaic languages. Japanese and Korean languages do have a lot of Altaic traits like word order, lack of gender words and agglutinating grammar. Korean has vowel harmony. Early Japanese also might of had vowel harmony but the fact is still being disputed. Vowel harmony is common in about every Altaic language and is mostly found in Altaic, Uralic, and some Native American languages. [source]
If you have any more question please write them in this pages discussion box. Non members can post too.
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