Map of where Nogais people live

Where they live:
Russia (90,666), Turkey (90,000), and others in Romania and maybe Jordan.
Total population:
Over 180,000 (est.)
Language Branch:
Altaic, Turkic, Kypchak, Kypchak-Nogay, Nogai
Sunni Islam
Related to:
Kazakh, Karakalpak, Tatars, and other Turkic peoples
Other names:
Nogai, Nogay


Nogais, also called Nogay, are a Tatar people of the Kypchak Turkic branch who mostly live in the Northern Caucasus in Russia. Other large populations can be found in Turkey and Romania. It is believed that Nogais are a mix of Kypchak Turkic peoples and Mongolians of the Golden Horde. The name Nogais is thought to come from the ruler Nogai Khan who was a general of the Turko-Mongol Golden Horde. He was a great-grandson of Genghis Khan. Most Nogais are Sunni Muslims. Their culture seems to have huge similieries with the Kazakhs.

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Traditional Music


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Videos About Culture, Music or Dance
Nogais traditional themed music video 1#
Nogais traditional themed music video 2#