Altay People

Altay People

Where they live:
Russia, mostly in the Altai Republic and Altai Krai
Total population:
Language Branch:
Altaic, Turkic, Siberian, Altay Group, Altay
Tibetan Buddhism, Russian Orthodox, Shamanism, Burkhanism
Related to:
Turkic peoples like Shor, Khakass and Mongolic peoples
Most imformation is paraphrased from:


The Altay Turks mostly live in the Altai Mountains of Russia. They live in the place and area where the Altaic peoples are believed to have started off from. Altaic is named after their homeland, the Altai Mountains. They are a Turkic people closely related to Tuvan, Shors, Khakas, and other Siberian Turkic peoples.

They are made up of six tribes.
Altai Kiji - 65,910,
Telengit - 2,371,
Teleut - 2,608,
Tubalar - 1,556,
Kumandi - 2,966,
Chalkandu - 849

Photo: Altay Lady with children: Photo under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works


The music of Altay people has lots to do with nature. Like other Siberian Turkic and Altaic peoples they throat sing. Traditionally, Altay people practiced Turkic shamanism.


Altay people speak the Altay language. it is a Turkic language of the Siberian branch and the Altay subbranch. There are two different dialects.

Music Samples

An Altay throat singing group "Altai Kai" uses many animal sounds in their music. They can mimic the sounds of birds, bears, sheep, and other wildlife along with the sound of rushing water and other nature sounds. (Source)

Listen to Altay Folk Music


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Videos About Culture, Music or Dance
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Altay Traditional Throat Singers
Female Throat Singer
Altay Music video by an Altay singer
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We are the champions in Altay
Another "Altai Kai" video


The folk ensemble from Altai republic, Altai Kai